Instantly Deposit Funds in Los Angeles County

Cash 2 Jail in Los Angeles, California, allows you to instantly deposit funds to dentition facilities to help support your loved ones during their time of need. With our fast, easy, and secure inmate money transfers, you are able to send aid to residents of correctional facilities with the worry of living out of the state, gas costs, parking, or waiting in lines.

Help Your Loved Ones

By sending funds to your friends or family members that have been incarcerated, this allows them to purchase items from the inmate commissary to help them achieve a higher quality of life while behind bars. With our third-party, middleman company, we are able to physically take your cash to the appropriate facility and deposit funds directly into their account, much like a courier service. We know this means putting a lot of trust into our business, which is why all our services are guaranteed and secure.

Information Needed

By submitting your request, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you do not know the inmate number of the person you are trying to send funds too, please visit the correctional facilities’ website. Many institutions offer an inmate number look up online. You can contact them via phone to obtain this number as well. You will also need the following information when using our services:

• Inmate First Name • Inmate Last Name • Amount to Send (Between $1.00 & $100.00)
• Booking Number • Your Name      • Detention Facility (If Other than LA County Jail) 

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