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When you have a loved one behind bars, it’s easy to feel powerless to help them. However, there is one thing you can do for them no matter where you are: deposit money for them to spend at their prison commissary.  Cash 2 Jail makes the process convenient and secure for you and your loved one. Contact us to learn how to send inmate online deposits to Los Angeles, CA, and Orange County from anywhere in the world.

Quick, Safe, and Easy to You

It’s often challenging for incarcerated people to get in touch with their family and friends on the outside. This cuts them off from their support network and the cash they need to make prison life bearable. Cash 2 Jail was created to bridge the gap and make sending money quick, safe, and easy, regardless of whether you’re able to contact your loved one. 

We physically deposit funds in inmate accounts at Los Angeles and Orange County facilities on your behalf, similar to a courier service. All you need to do is provide your loved one’s name, booking number, and the amount to send. Our rapid processing times are guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions about the process or need assistance with an inmate account deposit.

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